Armstrong being sued for $100 million

I predicted and was right about how the get lance at all costs without going after his competitors that we all knew were doing the same thing would make it obvious to casual fans that Lance was being singled out as a scapegoat to keep eyes away from the corrupt way the sport is being run.

I was right, it was too ugly for people to watch and the sport now is has returned to being the same niche bouteeque sport with no mass appeal that it was before Lance. Popularity rose in the Lance years, mainstream sponsors started to get on board and teams were flush with cash. Now that has dried to worse than it was before sponsors leaving in droves, long lived and short lived teams folding leaving the grand tours with 2 teams that can win. Actually, just 2 riders that can compete and make them more that glorified training rides. Movistar and Sky. And the riders and teams have such bad blood with the real owners of the sport that it could collapse at any moment.

and on top of that young athletes won't touch the sport with a ten foot pole. and who can blame them. You have to give up your rights to privacy to get a job. Whereabouts rules, anyplace anytime testing and more... all much more more severe than any sport and they the first time you win something the accusations come flying. 'where did he come from? Must be a doper' despite the fact passport has them in nearly a bread and water box where any kind of blood boosting would have to be in such small amounts that it wouldn't have more real effect than vitimans or legal supplements who's only effects are in you head effects. If you think it helps then it helps, but numbers don't back it up.

So sure, great idea. By all means with the classics coming up and the season ramping up let's trot out the whipping boy and make him news again. How about chains and a stripped jump suit. It will make Jerry Springer fans into cycling fans in a flash. Those are the fans you're after rigth?

The self righous smug moralist people continuing this decades old vendetta will distract people for what good racing might be happening. Ask a mild level marketing exec working for a mid size corporation if that sounds like a way to grow the sport. If it doesn't grow it will die.

Elite athletes in any sport say, sometime even on the record that the real rules of any sport are determined by what you can get away with. Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman is one that will say that. He knows how to interfere without getting called. and he'll interfere (cheat) more and more until they start calling it on him. He has a who reputra of slight of hand tricks to push, pull, grab, tug and misdirect attention away from what he's doing. I hate him for his arrogance but what he does I hve to admits is amazing. Contact in basketball is the same thing. What will these referees let me get away with tonight.

If this is all about trying to scare riders into riding clean they are far from the first to try that tactic. I can not be done!!! because the real rules are about what you can get away with. If you don't go into it with that attitude you'll get you butt kicked by those that do. Fans hate cheating until it's their guy that get's caught. I live in columbus ohio and am still asounded by the number if Jim Trussel apologists there are. He knew what the rules were and what made it worse was his uber religiousness. I guess his prayers were along the line of "please god, don't let them catch me until the season is over and we have the trophy." Morally superior?

If Diogenes were still alive he'd still be walking around with his lamp day and night in search of an honest man.
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