Army ten miler baggage gaggle?

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Jean S. Barto, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Hello folks--

    Did anyone else have trouble finding the baggage truck and getting their after race clothing after
    the Army Ten Miler in DC on Sunday? My BF ran the race and said it took him 2 hours or so to get his
    stuff afterwards, and that his bag was opened and some clothing was missing from it. He also said
    that that the baggage drop off point before the race was very unorganized, etc. No one seemed to be
    in charge of the area, and that there were only two trucks there to put the bags on. Also, there
    were very few pens/markers for the runners to label their bags before they dropped them off.

    Of course, since my friend finished the race in 59:00 and change (2nd in his 50-54 age group), he
    had a lot of time to wait around, perhaps, before the race organizers started handing out the gear.
    However, he usually gets comped for large races like this and gets elite treatment (separate
    assembly area and baggage truck), so perhaps it's good he had a chance to experience how the rest of
    us have to deal with things after finishing a large race.

    I've never ran the race and if I hear about these kinds of things (lack of organization) happen at a
    race, I usually stay clear, especially since I'm a back of the pack runner and I have to be
    concerned about support on the course (will they run out of water/gatorade/cups). I always assume
    that there will be little or no post-race food for me afterwards, so I always bring my own. If I get
    any of theirs, it's a plus.

    Just curious if others here on the newsgroup experienced the same thing--

    Jean in VA (slow but I still get there!)

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