Article calls for cyclists to be treated the same as motorists

Headless Ned

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May 21, 2014
Here's the offending link -

It's pretty much the sort of twaddle that you'd expect Clarkson to come out with. By all means if someone's cycling drunk and they're dangerous they should be disciplined, but issues from cyclists pale into insignificance compared to issues related to drivers.

This article really irritated me for some reason! What do you guys think?
Same old diatribe. Cyclist don't get away with murder since very few deaths occur on account of cyclist being negligent in the operation of a bike. Impaired drivers on the other hand kill every day.
It sounds like a whole lot of government boondoggle for minimal benefit to the public.
Quote by Ned:
"It's pretty much the sort of twaddle that you'd expect Clarkson to come out with."

Anyone that punched out that douchebag Piers Morgan is alright in my book.
Well, thanks for providing the link, it was a great share. Most of the road incidents are not caused by cyclists, drunks and negligent pedestrians and drivers are responsible. I've never encountered a serious accident that was a caused by a cyclist. We're often the most vulnerable of road users, and also the most law abiding.
There is a motion here to have a bike lane that would restrict the other lanes for 2-wheels. That means bicycles and motorcycles will be sharing a specific lane on main roads. I think that is practical. But treating a cyclist as a motorist, I guess that's way too far because a cyclist depends on his strength in the pedal while the motorist depends on his engine. It's like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges.

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