ASD Annual PsiberDreaming Conference - online

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    Announcing ASD's Second Online PsiberDreaming Conference, September 21, 2003 -
    October 5, 2003.

    For two weeks participants worldwide will enjoy online experiments, psiber
    games with prizes, chats, and discussions on paranormal dreaming with
    celebrated psi-dreaming experts at this inexpensive event. Presentations
    include papers and workshops on popular and cutting edge topics, such as:
    remote viewing, precognition, dream telepathy, mutual dreaming, psychopompic
    dreams, lucid dreaming, visionary dreaming, prodromal dreams, dream healing,
    the nature of dream reality, and dreaming as a spiritual practice. Last years
    conference brought in rave reviews:

    "Bravo!", "Incredible!", "a wonderful experience," "amazing!", "topnotch", "I
    am really thrilled," "great conference," "please, please do this frequently,"
    "I don't know how many accolades I can give you, too many to count, I believe.
    The conference was simply great!! Good presenters, topics, participants, and
    great energy."

    If you missed the first, make sure you attend the second! For more information
    go to: