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    Welcome to newsgroup, an
    international forum for discussion and support for members
    of Weight Watchers. You do not need to be a member of Weight
    Watchers to participate in ASDWW, though you will find the
    discussions easier to follow if you are familiar with the
    Winning Points and FlexPoints programs.

    The purpose of this message is to point new readers to
    sources of additional information.

    Official ASDWW ( Welcome

    Official ASDWW FAQ:
    Q: I see lots of acronyms in the subject lines of posts.
    What do they all mean?
    R: NSV = Non-Scale Victory, those successes not measured by
    the scale. People noticing your weight loss, smaller
    clothing sizes, practicing a new behavior, recognizing a
    new habit are examples of NSVs.

    WOE = Way of Eating WOL = Way of Life (Living)

    Amberle3's Challenges:

    THTP - Take Heart, Take Part Exercise Challenge:

    RafL - Resolutions are for Losers Weight Loss Challenge:

    S: Where can I find other common newgroup abbrevations?
    T: here:
    and here:

    U: Where can I find out what my goal weight should be?
    V: Weight Watcher's weight ranges: http://www.weightwatcher-

    W: Where can I find my points range?
    X: WW Points Chart: (old US
    program Winning Points) (FlexPoints - US)

    Y: How do I calculate points?
    Z: Dustin's PC Points Calculator:

    Z: Are there any online journals (food tracking sites) other
    than WW Online?

    Z: How can I find then nutritional data (e.g. calories, fat,
    or fiber content) of a certain food?
    Z: USDA Nutrient Database:

    Z: How can I find points Information for restaurants,
    recipes, etc.?
    Z: Dottie's Weight Loss Zone web site includes points for a
    comprehensive list of restaurant chains. Site updated
    WatchersRecipesTips/wwmeals1.msnw If you use MasterCook
    software and want recipes with points, Glenn B has
    started a Yahoo! group with you in mind: http://groups.y-

    Z: What's the Wendie Plan (Variable Point System)?
    Z: (2 links at
    the bottom)

    Z: What's the CJ Plan:


    A support site for WW members by Wayne Muhlstein, a WW group

    Personal Weight-Loss Web Sites of ASDWW Members: (Kelly J.) (Erin in NZ) (Chris) (Hillary) (Anne) (Petal)
    (Amberle's "I Can't Wait Until..." Compilation) (If anyone
    else wants added here, please let me know!)

    Laura's Flex Points Spreadsheet (thanks Laura!!!):

    Exercise Videos:

    Weightlifting Site:

    Link to interesting article on why your weight

    WW 100+ Success Forum:

    Body Frame Size:

    Body Mass Index:

    Go Ask Alice - Fitness Q&A site (thanks Bobby!):

    NutritionData's Nutrition Facts Calorie Counter (Thanks

    Other Helpful Links: http://100-weight-loss-

    Some of my personal favorites: http://calorie-
    lbert/games/dilberito/game.html http://www.inch- http-
    :// http://inch-

    WW Circa 1974:

    93.5/72.3/74 (WW)/72 (Personal) kg
    93.5/73./162.8 (WW)/158 (Personal) lb

    Here's our FAQ: and welcome