Asking for assistance with a survery


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Feb 20, 2014
Hey all, I am a new member here and I am asking for some assistance from you guys. I am taking a marketing class and for a project I need to ask a few questions to consumers who are looking to purchase a new bicycle, but anyone can answer. If you can please answer these questions, that would be awesome!

Here it goes:

Most cycling enthusiast are aware of the situation with Specialized Bikes and Cafe Roubaix Bicycles but if you are not, check this link out

If you were in the market at the time this happened or are in the market for a new bicycle:

What was/is your thought of Specialized?
Did you purchase a Specialized bike?
Or did you choose a competitor due to this negative publicity?
What did you think about the delayed response from Specialized?
Will you ever buy Specialized?
Do you believe there are other ways to solve this issue? If so, what do you recommend.
What do you think about Cafe Roubaix Bicycles?
Did you or would you support Cafe Roubaix?

Again, this is for a marketing class I am taking. I do not work for any bike company nor will I send this information to them. Any information given will obviously remain anonymous. Thanks for the help!