Aspiring Cyclist Mom


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Aug 6, 2014
Hi everyone, just wondering if we have moms on the forum whom I can possibly connect with.
I am a mom who wanted to explore cycling and looking forward to enjoy this new adventure.
Hi I'm a Mum and recently took up road cycling. Not yet plucked up the courage to commute but I did get as far as looking at the bike storage where I work! Are you riding for fitness, pleasure, commuting?
mi mum is a keen cycler but not a big 'forum-person'. I will tell her there are others here, and get her on board!
Hello my mom also recently got into cycling and she loves it so far. She usually trains on a stationary bike in the gym and comes with me and my dad on weekends in bike trips. She likes how it helps her become more physically active and helps in her weight loss. The view and surroundings when biking outside makes her happy and relaxed. It is very beneficial for her and I will invite her also to join in this forum.