Assos clima micro ????



Hey People.!

Has anyone used an Assos pro clima micro rain jacket ???
I'm thinking to get one, as I need some rain protection.
What do you think of them ?

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I have a Velotek rain jacket, which works fine for me.
I prefer a rain jacket that has some form of 'breathing' built in, like mesh material under the armpit area.
I searched clima micro and your post was the only hit. I am also thinking of getting this jacket . Was wondering if it is worth the $189 and also about the sizing I am a 42 3/4 . Did you get the jacket? Or find out anything + 0R - ?
A very nice jacket. Also many GoreTex jackets too are waterproof and breathable.

The alternative is a $20 plastic cape with vents.
Just bought one, figured if it was good enough for the Fignon, Hinault, and lemond-it must work, it does,works great I live in seattle and inaguarated it on a misty hard drizzle day---the fabric swells up, keeps the water out--when your done - your jersey is bone dry. It is very delicate though(handwash), but the comfort level while riding in a "truly" breathable garment --in short worth it!!
Originally posted by larry barr
Assos anything is worth the price. They flat out make great garments.

I agree with Larry. Assos can do no wrong. I posted the same type of inquiry as you a couple months ago. The conclusion was that the Clima was too fragile for what I was to put it through. i.e. commuting. I settled on the Oxy jacket. It is light enough that it easily rolls up into my jersey pocket and it does an adequate job. It does tend to flap about in the wind though. Does anyone know what kind of fit the Clima gives?

[yeh I got one of these. My conclusion is they are too fragile, and difficul to clean, however, fantastic breathable and light. Not so good if you have to wear a backpack.....may be great for racing bu tnot for everyday]

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