Asthma on the rise in Asia due to urbanization, pollution

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  1. Asthma on the rise in Asia due to mounting urbanization, pollution

    February 17, 2004

    BANGKOK (AFP) - Asia's rapid urbanisation, dangerous pollution levels and poor medical treatment
    have triggered an alarming increase in asthma which affects 300 million people worldwide,
    experts said.

    The global prevalence of asthma, already the world's largest respiratory killer, has increased
    steadily over the past 20 years due mostly to urban development, particularly in the region.

    "This problem is set to worsen as Asian populations become more urbanized, unless measures are taken
    now to improve treatment," the Asia Asthma Development Board (AADB) said at the World Asthma Meeting
    held here this week.

    Experts at the conference, attended by hundreds of scientists and doctors, warned that sufferers in
    Asia are particularly at risk because doctors are failing to address the chronic condition.

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