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    I live here in Hawaii and a lot of people here suffer from asthma. Most doctors tend to say that we
    have many things in the air that probably triggers an asthma attack or symptoms.

    Well, I personally belief that there is something that we can actively do about curing ourselves and
    getting rid of asthma. I learned about this technique by searching the net on info about asthma and
    I am currently using it with success.

    Usually I tend to have tightness in the chest when I wake in the morning and sometimes I'll even
    start to wheeze. Also, my asthma symptoms get worse when I am in air conditioned environments. But,
    after doing these methods of breathing I started to notice that I don't need to use my inhaler on a
    daily basis.

    I will continue to practice these techniques until I am completely off of the inhalers, but if any
    of you want to get more information about this breathing method just send me an email.

    Aloha, Dean [email protected]

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