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Just Zis Guy

My Cateye Cordless 2 has been a bit unreliable of late (actually for some months, notably failing to
indicate in cold or wet weather - luckily Britain is always warm and dry, right?) and today the
sender unit disintegrated on the way to work.

So I treated myself to a shiny new Astrale, which was less than a tenner dearer than a replacement
sender unit for the Cordless. £26 from the local bike shop with CTC discount - could have saved a
quid and bought direct from the CTC shop, but with no P&P and not having to wait for delivery I'm
happy enough.

Any bets on how long it'll be before I pile into the back of some stationary cage while watching the
cadence display?

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Bill Robertson wrote:
> No, but I'd take bets on you watching the cadence (and everything else) display disappear the next
> time you ride in heavy rain, unless you wrap the computer and mount in clingfilm...

I had that problem with my first ever computer (a G-Pulse - sold as having 5 functions, the fifth
being that the box it came in served as a desk tidy). But I've used an Astrale for 2 years in all
weathers with no problems at all (well, except the time I snapped a cable and had to solder it back
together, but that hardly counts).

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