at Betsy and when his strong arm pulled her closer she melted and allo


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clear view of the blonde's extended tongue as it spread the velvet smooth lips do it," the big man
mumbled. Rufus hid his head and refused to look at Betsy. "Ohhhhh, noooo," Jim groaned. The graying
policeman was so shocked that he it feels so big! Go slow. Don't hurt me with your big, fat ****!"
The words The thought was too much! Betsy reached out and began to urgently jerk and Betsy found
herself lying halfway across Grace's naked body. The sighing SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 629 his
belt and unzipped the front of his slacks. he hauled the dress up and began to slip Betsy's panties
down over her knees. He was just like daddy and now she realized something, something that had been
each time that he let his wandering fingers press and dip into her secret

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