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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Marlene Blansha, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. Marlene Blanshay <[email protected]> wrote:
    : new pair! Or smelly old sneakers. Get a new pair! And some people come to

    Can't afford them, I must save for next season's cycling gear :-(

    : And then there is the music. One of the nice young women who works at the gym as a receptionist
    : plays a particular radio station when she's there and it plays the absolute worst music- Celine
    : Dion, Rod Stewart, bad 80s hair metal, billy Joel, Whitney Houston, the Nelsons, you get the
    : picture. I don't have a walkman, so I just have to suffer. When I go into the

    Yes bad music is everywhere. Just get the Walkman so you can listen to Celine Dion etc.

    I tried headphones with C-tank and found out I don't last long enough for the second interval if I
    pedal to the rythm ;)

    : Spinning classes are at least better. Everyone there is a cyclist, you get to watch race videos,
    : the music is better and no one reeks! That's the thing about cyclists, they don't reek, even in
    : spinning class. It just smells like sweat, not BO or rubbery sneakers.

    Umm, my spinning class is different. Everybody is just a 24-year-old female university student. I
    doubt they are cyclists. You know hard core cyclists wear cycling gear in the gym too. (Just have a
    look at those pictures Burke loaned for his Serious Cycling.)

    : I know it sounds like I'm griping. Well ,I am! LOL. Actually it's a nice gym with great
    : facilities. But no pool, which is too bad because swimmers don't reek either, LOL.

    Resistance training can be pretty interesting, as it lets you work on your body in a really
    different fashion than cycling. Systematic, based on technique, also it complements cycling by
    working the other muscles too.

    Yea, I often feel like pool would be just perfect after gym. Fortunately there is at least
    the sauna...

    Risto Varanka | varis at no spam please iki fi

  2. > >However, sometimes, being at the gym can really make you crazy. Spinning classes are great, but
    > >the rest of the time, it can really make you long for the outdoors.

    I second that!!! I haven't been on my bike since my crash on Monday, and my skin is crawling to get
    back on it.

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