ATB levers with sidepull brakes


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Nov 12, 2003
I'm converting my wife's old, old Trek 1000 road bike to a commuting bike. She'd like ATB-style handlebars, so among other things (e.g. new stem) she'll need new brake levers. The brakes are Dia-Compe sidepulls, so my question is whether ATB levers that are designed for cantilever or V-Brakes will also work for sidepull brakes. I've noted on our other bikes that ATB levers travel much further than road-style levers for sidepull brakes so I guess the end result will be that her sidepull brakes will be much more sensitive unless I adjust them a bit looser.

Is this a wise combination? I can't convert the brakes themselves because of course there aren't braze-ons for V brakes.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

Retro Grouch

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Dec 29, 2005
Try to find canty compatable brake levers. They'll have a cable pull ratio that more closely matches standard road brake levers.