Atrial Fibrillation and Lasalocid - a finding

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    Dear AFibbers,

    I am ged 49 years and have had AF (lone/paroxysmal) for about 5 years now with it steadily getting
    worse and increasing in frequency untill I have an attack about once every two months. Each attack
    putting me on the ground barely able to breath and lasting about 18 hours in total. I may even get
    AF attacks each month or less sometimes but on average it seems to be about every couple of months.
    The slightest exhertion or emotional stress would often precipitate it although it also just
    appeared out of the blue sometimes. These attacks are very debilitating and left me tired for days.
    Doctors at the hospital recommended I take sotalol and warfarin for life but I think the sotalol
    either made the AF worse or added new arrhythmias so I declined after a few days. It's strange how
    my AF changed for the worse after I started sotalol. It was beginning to get pretty bad when I read
    about a contaminant found in poultry eggs called LASALOCID which is a highly toxic antibiotic that
    farmers feed to poultry and cattle. I read in the news that two percent of eggs are contaminated
    with this toxic crap that is known (animal experiments have shown this) to induce rapid beats and
    arrhythmia leading to death. I'm not saying that it is the only cause or the single cause of my AF
    as I would think that there must be co-factors or else everyone would be dropping like flies with
    af. No, but I have discovered after a year long experiment where I cut out eggs, beef, milk and
    cheese that I haven't had a single AF episode lasting longer than about 30 seconds. I used to
    consume about 2 eggs most days. That would be about 50 eggs each month or so, maybe every 6 weeks.
    In that time if two percent of eggs are contaminated (that is 1 in 50 eggs) then I would be
    expected to have come across just such a poisoned egg. Well I was getting a severe AF attack every
    couple of months at that time. Another factor to be aware of is that lasalocid lingers in the body
    also so it's not all as simple as correlating an attack on the day you ate the poisoned egg.
    Anyhow, I quit eggs, beef, milk and cheese 14 months ago and I haven't had a single serious attack
    of AF in all that time. I even started jogging again these past 9 months ( a real nono as it easily
    triggered af) without any attacks. I'm not saying this information will cure you but it might help
    you. I'm only writing this because I know just how distressing AF can be and because it would not
    be right for me to with hold my preliminary findings any longer. I still get micro-bursts of AF
    lasting abvout 30 seconds every day and I don't know what the cause is but the biggies are gone now
    and it may be because I have eliminated aspects of diet that are known to be contaminated with that
    toxic crap lasalocid. You are welcome to email me for clarification if there is anything you dont
    understand in this message. This message is not medical advice and neither do I advocate you alter
    your diet without consulting your doctor. Some of you may want to think about it though or talk to
    someone about it.

    PS. BBC world service reported today (Dec 15 2003) that lasalocid is increasingly becoming a worry
    for the authorities as a contaminant in poultry and eggs. Apparently the levels detected are
    becoming highly significant in some batches though they didn't say how much. They are worried
    because they know this crap lasalocid is highly toxic to heart muscle.