Attaching Fender + Rack to Diamondback Insight 1


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Feb 15, 2012
Hi there,

I have a Diamondback Insight 1 2009 model. I'm trying to attach both a fender and a rack to it, but can't seem to quite figure out where to attach it. Attaching the front fender was no problem, but with the rear there appears to be no proper hole on the gear side. There are 2 holes on the other non-gear side that look perfect, but the only hole on the gear side seems too close to the gears and doesn't line up with either of the 2 holes on the other side.

I've attached some pictures below. Has anyone else had this issue? Are there any possible solutions? (Attachment? Drilling into the frame?)




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Jan 11, 2009
those holes look like the ones used for disc brakes calipers, you will need some kind of clamp-on mechanism for the rack, same for the fender, SKS sells one that attaches without eyelets (the holes on the frame) so search with patience and have good luck !


Jul 31, 2003
Agreed... there are no rear rack or mudguard eyelets on this frame.


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Jul 23, 2005
You can attach a P-CLAMP to the driveside seat stay ... there are numerous sizes ... most are not coated, some are.

The pictured clamps are available at Velo-Orange for $1 each ([COLOR= #ff0000]NOT the best price[/COLOR]) ...

  • you should be able to buy non-coated P-clamps from a "hardware" store.
  • if you know how to do minimal work wtih metal then you could fabricate some from strips cut from a tin-can[COLOR= #ff0000]/[/COLOR][COLOR= #ffa07a]etc.[/COLOR] ... if you opt for ones which are not coated, then you probably will want to shield the stay with a layer of used-inner-tube ([COLOR= #808080]or, material of your choice[/COLOR]). measure the resultant diameter accordingly so that the P-clamp you buy is neither too large or too small.

BTW. As already note, the two "holes" on the non-driveside are intended for mounting a disc brake caliper. The reason you would probably not want to use them for mounting a rack is because of the offset from the stay which would require a "custom" P-clamp otherwise the rack will probably not mount squarely on the frame; so, you will ultimately want to two pairs of P-clamps to mount both the rack + fender.


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Feb 15, 2012
Thanks for you help everyone. My problem has been solved. I thought I would post for others who may have the same issue.

I first went the direction Alfeng suggested, but the frame of the Diamondback Insight is unusually thick, so standard p-clamps cannot securely hold a rack and fenders. Not only that, the p-clamps forced the stays of the rack and fender so far off centre the rack sat too high to attach to the bridge and the fender was strained to hold a circular shape. All and all, the result was ugly and most likely unsafe (this has more to do with the unusual frame and my lack of skill than the actual method itself. I've seen other examples of the p-clamp method online and it seems to work for many people).

I was in a rush to get this finished, so I threw in the towel and went down to my LBS. The tech there rigged up an extension for the drive side and aligned it with one of the holes for a disc brake caliper. It worked great and looked good too. I'm including pictures below.

I hope this can help anyone else in my same situation. The Insight is a great commuting bike, but if you live in the Northwest like I do (or anywhere it rains often), attaching fenders is a must. Plus it's always nice to have a rack to carry a few things in.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.