Attaching seatpost tail light to rear rack


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Aug 25, 2015
Hi guys!
I have one of these Knog Blinder tail lights which, as you can see, are meant to be wrapped around the seatpost. This worked well for me as I had been using panniers, but lately I've been ditching the panniers and carrying my stuff in a bag secured with a bungee cord to my rear rack, which blocks most of my seatpost.

I've tried to mount it to my rear rack, but without much success. Are there any adapters I can use for this? DIY ideas? TIA!
I think you have to go to a bike shop. I was there yesterday looking at the accessories particularly tne new mercury headlight which gives off light like a car's headlight. I'm srue they have a way of attaching that rear light you want for your bike.
Best to visit a bike shop or bicycle specialist in your area. It doesn't seem like a difficult installation, but it's better to be done by a professional in order to have it fit perfectly. And yeah, I think it's a good idea to have that light installed on the rear rack as it will enhance visibility.
Never used one like that before,but I support the motion to visit a local bike shop or bicycle specialists. See If you can find someone crafty enough to put it properly. Also I don't think it needs any adapter or something like that.