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  1. Jim

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    Thanks to Carjug, I finally got to ride a Coker and see what every one is
    always talking about. I loved it and I want to save up to buy one.

    I see has 3 different ones. Is the deluxe model that much
    different that it is worth saving up that much longer for?
    The rebuilt, used one looks like a good deal to me. Is it good? What do
    people recommend?

    Carjug, I have tried twice to send messages to the group with a picture and
    it does not go through, so I am trying with out the picture. Send me your
    email address and I will send you a good picture of me on the Coker, and one
    of you standing with it.

    [email protected]

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  2. tomblackwood

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    Just my view, but the re-built model looks like the best way into a
    Coker. If I was going to buy a non-custom one today, that's what I'd go
    after. In the process, I'd upgrade to an airseat.

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