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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jan Sacharuk, Jun 12, 2003.

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    City council in Edmonton is preparing to pass a bylaw that will seriously affect our use of the
    trails. Most importantly, they're redefining the definition of a trail, and it basically prevents us
    from legally riding any of the single track in the River Valley.

    Please write or call into the city and tell them that this is concerning to you. Up until now,
    riders haven't been making themselves heard, and the dog walkers are getting the upper hand,
    declaring us all dangerous.

    Here's some more info:

    The City of Edmonton is planning to effectively ban all singletrack riding in the Edmonton river
    valley with the new parkland bylaw, as the city's definition of trail does not include singletrack.
    Your immediate action is requested as council will be voting on this issue June 17th (next Tuesday).
    If you want singletrack trails to remain open to riding your are urged to contact the city. It is
    time for us as the cycling community to make our voices heard. E-mail your concerns and comments
    before council votes on this bylaw on June 17th to: [email protected]

    Excerpt from the bylaw proposal Q & A: What is meant by a "trail"? The Parkland Bylaw defines two
    types of trails, improved and unimproved. In both cases they refer to an identifiable path, track or
    public right-of-way on parkland intended for use by pedestrians and vehicles other than motor
    vehicles. Improved trails have a width equal to or greater than 1.5 metres and have an improved
    surface such as pavement, granular material or mulch, or a maintained grass surface. Unimproved
    trails have a width equal to or greater than 0.5 metre and have a natural surface. Unimproved trails
    are best suited to activities that can be done 'single file' or where a smoother surface is not
    required. (For a more complete definition of trails, please see the proposed Parkland Bylaw)

    Paths or tracks that have a width of less than 0.5 metre are not trails, as defined in the Bylaw.
    Narrow 'animal paths' that often crisscross Edmonton's river valley are not considered trails, but
    are deemed to be part of natural areas. Individuals may only travel in natural areas if they remain
    on an improved or unimproved trail. This rule will ensure that animal paths don't become enlarged by
    human impacts.

    Councillor Phair has expressed below, the current public feedback is very anti-bikes. "As you know,
    Council is dealing with the proposed new parkland bylaw. Although the [Community Services] Committee
    again recommended passage to Council, I think it will be very close and may well lose. We are
    getting numerous e-mails and letters and phone calls and letters to the editor saying the 'cyclists'
    are bad or cause trouble and should not be allowed in the valley etc. I think if you know people or
    groups who would say differently you might want to get them to e-mail,call etc. Council will deal
    with this on Tuesday [June
    17]--somehow the entire bylaw has gotten framed as a parkland for cyclists bylaw!"

    You can view the entire proposed bylaw at

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