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Apr 9, 2003
Moderators please contact me in order to set someting up with your users and possibly your site. I have major connections with the actual factories and labs that create the SUpplements you spend hundreds of dollars on. Ive seen the amount of hype that is on your site about taking supplements, and how weight traning or tranining in general is important in this sport and in any sport. I buy the supplements and have created my own brand with my partners. We will have new products out to the public very soon, and many have already been sold in the past months, so i want to share with you guys the Experience of buying Factory Direct Supplements for very cheap. I will be hoping to be able to se up some sor of Group Buy Secion in the forums, where people can get together, contact me and get a group buy to lower these prices even more. Please contact me at [email protected]* or at [email protected] to speak personally to me. my website is

I am trying to get my services out to the public, and my prices are already drop dead low. But for all you guys if you wanna buy any products, i will have a special price on them for you at group prices. Just email me at [email protected]*.com and i will set something up for you guys. We sell creatine,whey protein,glutamine,MSM,fat burners(ephedra free),have Pills for helping with arthritis and joint health that contain more than one type of glucosamine msms, and other natural supplements for the health of joints and cartilage. You want it we can get it. Yours sincerely. Alessio Trabelsi President of Wholesale Supplements.
Dear Wholesaler

Thanks for your offer/request.
Bear with us until such time that the Administrator has decided what to do. Until then, I've removed the links to your site, but have left your e-mail address. The links will be restored if the Admin finds it appropriate.


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