Attention Old Timer!


New Member
Jan 24, 2002
This morning I saw a chap in Linden Cycles clothing with a woes beard under the 14th avenue turn off onto Hendrik Potgieter - I immediately thought 'That must be Old Timer!'<br /><br />Was it you? Are you famous? ;)
Eldron<br />No. Not guilty. Must have been Santa Claus. ;D<br />Yeah, I'm almost famous. One of the girls in our MTB club said &quot;How come, wherever we go all the blacks know you?&quot; I asked her what she meant. She said they all call you Madala. Had to explain that &quot;Madala&quot; is Zulu for &quot;Old Man&quot; ::)
Madala hehehehe.<br /><br />If it wasn't you I hope it was Santa - the only problem is that he didn't have a sack and his saddle bag was WAAAAY too small to fit a Lightspeed Ultimate in......

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