attn BumpKin-Pus (Ride-A-Lot aka Mitch Sprinsky)



BumpKinPus, please update your website concurrently with your
activities on the MTB.

Do not torcher us by not allowing us to know your ventures on the

If you wish to end your hiding status due to me, all you have to do is
surrender by apologizing for making war with me when I was peacefully
giving you needed attention, by constructive criticism about your
videos, of when you would cut out of a nice video segment of sublime
nature, due to having to stop for an obstacle, that you could not
clear due to inept skill, bumpkinpus.

I did not attack you about your lack of MTB skill, I simply said "nice
video but you should not cut out and restart due to having to stop the
bike or get over an obstacle", so I think you should apologize