ATTN: Carol T, Junior Chung Ranger, and Other So Called Christians



Is this the kind of "Christian" behavior you endorse? Speak up or let your silence speak for you.

> From: Steve <[email protected]> Newsgroups:,
> On Sat, 7 Feb 2004 5:16:04 -0500, Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote (in message
> <[email protected]>):
>> Pizza Girl wrote:
>>> [regarding Dr. Nagler] You have to wonder about that guy!
>> Why are you implying that he's a pedophile?
> That _would_ be a juicy little tidbit for you, wouldn't it?
> Chung, you are a truly disgusting human being. What a transparent attempt to smear one of your
> "enemies" by provoking a discussion, disingenuously asking why someone else makes such a revolting
> charge about them.
> Unfortunately, this is a tactic of yours which has become all too familiar. Given the way you
> regularly do this type of hatchet job using Mu as the shill, it would not surprise me to find that
> you or one of your socks was "Pizza Girl".
> A decent person would have not responded or would have responded with outrage. That which can be
> asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.
> You, on the other hand, attempt to draw out further libel. It doesn't take a Truth Discernment Ray
> to see into _your_ black heart.
> I need to take a bath.

Steve <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
> <hiss?>
> > From: Steve <[email protected]> Newsgroups:,
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> > On Sat, 7 Feb 2004 5:16:04 -0500, Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote (in message
> > <[email protected]>):
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> >> Pizza Girl wrote:
> >>>
> >>> [regarding Dr. Nagler] You have to wonder about that guy!
> >>
> >> Why are you implying that he's a pedophile?
> >
> > <hiss?>
> >
> > <hiss sputter hiss hiss>

You poor guy.

FYI Note: I am aware that I am responding to a cross-posted message. Because the author of the
message to which I am responding did not request that the header be trimmed, I have not trimmed it.
If you are upset about reading this message, a few suggestions:

(1) Yell at Steve
(2) Report Steve to his ISP
(3) Killfile this thread.
(4) Killfile me.
(5) Read about free speech.

This discussion(s) is related to the 2 pound diet approach (2PD) which is described completely at:

Though Dr. Chung invented this approach, he did not initiate the Usenet discussion(s). His
participation in this discussion(s) has been voluntary and has been conducted in the spirit of
community service. His motivation has been entirely altruistic and has arisen from his religious
beliefs as a Christian. Jesus freely gave of Himself to better the health of folks He touched:

From the outset, it has been clear that there are those who are vehemently opposed to the 2 pound
diet approach. They have debated
Dr. Chung on every perceived weakness of the 2 pound diet approach and have lost the argument
soundly at every point:

These debates are archived on Google in their entirety within this discussion thread(s).

However, instead of conceding gracefully that they've lost the argument(s), certain parties have
redirected their hatred of the 2 pound diet approach toward its author. The rationale appears to be
"if you can not discredit the message then try to discredit the messenger."

Initially, these folks accused the messenger of "trolling." A "troll" is someone who posts under the
cloak of anonymity messages with no redeeming discussion value and with the sole purpose of starting
"flame" wars.

These hateful folks lost credibility with this accusation when the following observations were made:

(1) Dr. Chung has not been posting anonymously.
(2) The 2PD has been on-topic for the Usenet discussion groups hosting the discussion(s).
(a) Those who are failing low-carbing can dovetail LC with the 2PD to achieve near-
ideal weight.
(b) Obese diabetics improve their blood glucose control when their weight becomes near-ideal.
(c) For (b) see:
(3) Dr. Chung did not start the discussion(s).
(4) The 2 pound diet approach is 100% free (no profit motive).
(5) Dr. Chung's credentials are real and easily verified on-line (including jpegs of the actual

Full of hatred, frustration, and desperation, certain individuals have tried to attack Dr.
Chung's credentials knowing full well that they were attempting to libel him. One notable example
is Mr. Pastorio:

When the full light was cast on Mr. Pastorio's libelous statements, the hateful folks hiding in the
darkness of anonymity only hissed louder in support of their fallen hero.

Fortunately, those who have been following this discussion(s) either actively or as lurkers can
easily dismiss the hisses, for what they are, using the on-line third-party resources at:

where Dr. Chung's credentials can be verified many times over and libelous claims that credentials
were bought are easily and summarily debunked.

Moreover, readers need only make the following observations concerning the anon posters who continue
to hiss (ie JC Der Koenig and Mack):

(6) They are anonymous and thus they expect to have no credibility (or accountability).
(7) They are by their Usenet history courtesy of Google, unsavory characters.
(8) They have not added anything to the discussion(s) except to deliver one-sided insults.
(9) They complain about alleged cross-posts from Dr. Chung by cross-posting.
(10) They do not complain about cross-posts from folks who attack the 2PD or its author.

and conclude that these anon posters deserve only their kill file.

It is my hope that the above brings new readers of this thread up to speed.

It will remain my pleasure to continue the discussion(s) about the 2PD above the din of hissing from
the peanut gallery.

Servant to the humblest person in the universe,


Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Board-Certified Cardiologist

Who is the humblest person in the universe?