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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Brian, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Awhile back...I posted a problem I was having with some BB bearings that were "pressed in". I was posting as Brian Sanderson then; the post was something like "pressed bearings" or some such.

    Recently...I saw this on Ebay:

    The pictures on item # 7211246145 on the bottom of the page also shows what type of crankshaft and bearings this tool is used on. That's the type I have on this frame.

    It's a Klien...

    My question is: What LBS in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, BC) has this tool, and could help me swap the worn BB on this frame for a new one...I mean, do they even MAKE these anymore???

    Also, how much trouble would it be to retrofit a standard cartridge or "3 piece" BB to this frame...assuming I can find anyone to remove the worn BB in the first place.

    ANY help, no matter how far afield, would be appreciated.

  2. If you are in Vancouver, then either La Biciletta on West Broadway (
    near CAmbie) or Campione Cycles on West 8th near Burrard will have the