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    What causes the Northern and Southern Lights? 
    The famous Northern and Southern Lights -- Aurora Borealis and Aurora
    Australis for those Latin lovers among us -- are caused by high-energy
    particles from the Sun cascading down on Earth. As they near our planet,
    they interact with Earth's magnetic field, which channels them toward
    the north and south magnetic poles.
    There they are accelerated downward, and at altitudes ranging from 90 to
    700 km (50 to 450 miles), the particles collide with atoms of our upper
    atmosphere, a process that results in a glowing field of excited gas.
    These sheets of lights can take on many beautiful colors, and often
    persist for hours on end, dancing gracefully in the polar skies.
    Earth isn't the only planet that experiences aurorae; recent images from
    the Galileo probe, in orbit around Jupiter, clearly show massive auroral
    displays many times the size of Earth taking place high in the Jovian
    atmosphere. As we study our fellow planets in ever-increasing detail, it
    is all but certain that more such spectacular and eerily beautiful
    scenes will be discovered.
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    > What causes the Northern and Southern Lights?

    High speed travel on carbon fiber composite frame splitter plate
    lowracers such as the Velokraft NoCom, reputed to be "The Fastest Stock
    Bike in the Known Universe". ;)
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