Aussie Gold in 500 metre time trial



What a great result for Kerrie Meares completing the 500m in 35.084.  She went through the first 250m in 19.86 then on to gold.

Anna Meares came fourth in 35.752.

Congratulations you have done us proud.  Oi! Oi! Oi!   8)
sweet! ;D

Have the cycling events been getting much air time? I wouldnt be suprised if C7 decided to only show the bloody swimming since its such an exciting sport to watch on TV ???

who won the mens 1kTT?

duh just looked at the results on cyclingnews hehe

1 Chris Hoy (Scotland) 1.01.726 (58.32 km/h)
2 Jason Queally (England) 1.01.947
3 Jamie Staff (England) 1.02.456
4 Benny Kersten (Australia) 1.02.736
5 Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand) 1.04.211
6 Danny Day (Australia) 1.04.236
7 Jim Fisher (Canada) 1.04.852
8 Matt Sinton (New Zealand) 1.06.028
9 Justin Grace (New Zealand) 1.06.342
10 Shawn Kelly (Barbados) 1.07.773
11 Joby Ingram-Dodd (Wales) 1.08.509
12 Ako Kellar (Trinidad) 1.09.510
13 Dilsher Ali (Pakistan) 1.15.582
14 Barron Musgrove (Bahamas) 1.16.170
15 Johnny Hoyte (Bahamas) 1.18.696

Most club riders could have beat the last 3 riders...
Everything on 7 gets the tag of "Sppp ....eccial" or magic moment. My local fruit shop has specials too!

Lots of replays throughout the day and night with little or no idea about what is next or what time it is.

I just cut to the chase and visit 8) 8)
duh just looked at the results on cyclingnews hehe

1 Chris Hoy (Scotland)                  1.01.726 (58.32 km/h)

I think Danny Day and Ben Kersten would be pretty disappointed. 8) 8)
Yep, the Aussies are fast this year!

1> McEwen in Green.
2> Cadel Evans in Gold in the 50km TT (I think it's about 50k's). Silver and Bronze went to Aussies aswell.
3> Kerrie in Gold in the 500m TT.

It just goes on and on. I'm actually starting to get sick of watching you Aussies dominate almost everything @ the CW Games (even the synchronised swimming) ;D
Well done you guys Down Under. Good show! ;)
I was there sat just at the side of the start line. Good rides from all GB riders, particularly the mens trio that took 1,2 and 3. It was awsome to see the games record broken 4 times!

Julie Paulding also had an awsome ride. Check out the new GB bikes, they've only been released publicaly for a week. A new superbike??!!

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