Aussie Road Championships


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Aug 12, 2001

Results - 183.6 km

1 Stuart O'Grady (SA) Credit Agricole 4.51.37 (37.77 km/h)
2 Allan Davis (Qld) ONCE-Eroski
3 Patrick Jonker (SA) Van Hemert Groep
4 Mathew Hayman (ACT) Rabobank 1.56
5 Gene Bates (SA) AIS
6 Scott Davis (Qld) Panaria
7 Chris Carr (Vic)
8 Michael Rogers (ACT) Quick Step Davitamon 4.51
9 David McPartland (Vic) Albury/Wodonga CC
10 Jonathon Hall (NSW) Illawarra CC
11 Mark Roland (Qld) Life Cycle
12 Paul Crake (ACT) Canberra C C 7.26
13 Adrian Laidler (SA) Adelaide 12.40
14 Graeme Brown (NSW) Panaria 14.26
15 Matthew White (NSW) US Postal Service
16 Russell Van Hout (SA) Selle Italia
17 Cameron Jennings (Qld) Rockhampton
18 Simon Gerrans (Vic) Team Krone
19 Tom Leaper (Vic) Blackburn
20 Sean Sullivan (Tas) Northern Districts CC
21 Cain Pasque (Vic) Camperdown
22 Wayne Anderson (NSW) Sutherland 18.44

For those in australia, it will be on TV this Sunday at 5:30pm.....SBS of course :D It was a much better race than last year IMO

Did anyone here get to the race?

It was a great day out, we sat about 300 meters from the top of the climb, was good watching everyone get shelled out the back :D

There were alot of two lap hero's, why would you turn up if your gonna go out the **** after two laps? beats me (thats why I didnt enter :D)

Stuey is a legend :)

I'll post some photos tonight


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