Aussies for Manchester



What an impressive lot the Aussies for Manchester. Michelle Ferris, Anna and Kerrie Meares, Alsion Wright, Kate Bates. Add to that Dakja, Dawson and Day. Flyers like Bayley, Renshaw, Kersten and Eadie. Add in Brown, Hutchinson, Roberts and Woolridge and you've got a great Aussie team. Go the green and gold Oi! Oi! Oi!

ps the road team doesn't look too bad either with Millward, Gilmore, Evans, O'Grady, McEwen, Rogers to name a few. 8) 8)
Steve I'm confident we'll go very well but the main threats in some events could be New Zealand and Canada. The countdown is on.

One omission from the roadies was Bradley McGee. My apologises. 8) 8)