Australia - Defense Minister Hill will also have to answer for his lies of 10 days ago regarding re

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    It is now obvious that the decision was presumably made not to record lots numbers etc in the
    soldiers' medical records, because the military already knew the vaccinations might cause severe
    reactions, and they were protecting themselves from future litigation: exactly as had been done in
    the US during the first Gulf War.--Meryl

    Minister at odds with Admiral Feb 11, 2004

    By Karen Middleton


    DEFENCE Minister Robert Hill has contradicted one of the Australian Defence Force's most
    senior officers over whether full vaccination details were recorded for service personnel who
    had anthrax shots on the way to the Persian Gulf.

    A spokeswoman for Senator Hill said last night that after checking with the Defence Health
    Services branch, it had been established that details had been recorded properly at the time
    of inoculation.

    "Vaccine batch numbers and expiry dates were annotated on each sailor's vaccination consent
    form at the time of vaccination," the spokeswoman said.

    In a response to a complaint from Leading Seaman Lorne Screaton, a sailor on HMAS Kanimbla
    when it was pre-deployed to the Gulf last year, Deputy Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral Rowan
    Moffitt said full records of vaccination were not available.

    "The shelf life of the vaccination and the batch number are unable to be provided because
    these were not recorded," Rear-Admiral Moffitt wrote last week.

    "The vaccines were checked at the time of inoculation to ensure they were in date and the
    batch number was recorded on the packaging or the ampoules which were destroyed after
    vaccination. The batch number of vaccinations is sometimes recorded but there is no strict
    requirement to do so."

    The defence force's vaccination rules stipulate all of those details must be recorded on the
    file of each serviceman and woman.

    An ADF submission to a new Senate inquiry into defence medical record keeping, lodged in
    December and made public yesterday, said nurses and medical officers had to record the details
    of vaccinations and ensure they are added to individual medical files.

    "Vaccination details recorded . . . must include the type (oral or injectable), brand name
    of vaccine, batch number, the date and name of person providing the vaccination," the
    submission said.

    m Senator Hill has instructed Rear-Admiral Moffitt to correct what appears to have been an
    error in his advice to LS Screaton, which included the statement that it was "not intended to
    inform HMAS Kanimbla personnel with details of the anthrax vaccination which they received".

    Senator Hill's spokeswoman declined to explain how the mistake was made.

    "The Deputy Chief of Navy will provide a clarifying letter to Leading Seaman Screaton," she
    said last night.

    LS Screaton was one of 52 service personnel who refused to have the injections having not been
    told of the vaccination program until HMAS Kanimbla was at sea.

    Meryl Nass, MD

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