Australian Open Championships - Women



The Aussie road championships have been on in ballarat since thursday, following are a few photos of the Women's road race. We only caught the last couple of laps  ::) All the photos were taken about 2.5km into a very tough 3km climb  :)

Click on the links to view the photos;
Photo 1 - Two laps to go, Margaret is about 20 seconds up the road!

Photo 2 - Margaret Hemsley on the last lap with a 30 second gap (6km to go)

Photo 3 - whats left of the bunch who are about 30 seconds behind Margaret

Photo 4 - Out the back, last lap!

This is a good one of anna, she's such a hottie  


I'll try to post a few from the mens road race tomorrow, my tip for the win is Stuart O'Grady. You can view the start list HERE

Nice shots! I like Anna's bike! Seems like it was cold when they started, they're all wearing arm warmers.
Its always cold here man, Ballarat is the end of the earth when it comes to weather. Its the middle of summer here and it was only about 14 degrees today :mad: mind you Thursday was 37

Did I ever mention wind? its always f'ing blowing a gale here.....makes for tough racing tho  ;D

The road doesnt look very steep in the photos, but trust me its steep

good pics. :). anna has the same wheelset i have (shimano wh7700, dura-ace)which are awsome and look cool 8). Hey where you too busy looking at the ladys to post the winner and results? ::). im going for mcewan and ogrady for the win .

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