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    I search results of two following australian races
    -Sun Tour of Victoria from the beginning in 1952 (winner Keith ROWLEY) till 1977 as complete as possible: general classification, stages description (start and finish places, distance) and stages classification.
    -Australian professional Championships on the road : top three or five
    Thanks a lot.
    With kind regards from Belgium.
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    This really isnt what your after but it is a good read

    Cycling History

    This is also worth a visit:

    More History

    This only applies to N.S.W but it might also be interesting

    NSW Titles

    But the best read of all can is @

    Top Australian cyclists

    Especially the bit about Russell Mockridge who is without doubt the greatest ever cyclist to come out of OZ

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    Thank You very much Steve for your website adresses.
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    Here's an interesting site - The Canberra Cycle Museum -

    Lots of info. there.

    One famous chap who won the Sun Tour Race five times is Barry Waddell. He still runs his bike shop in Burwood, Vic., on the Burwood Highway. His trophies are displayed on shelves, along with his collection of old bikes.

    I heartily agree: Russell Mockridge is the greatest. I read his autobiography back in the sixties - can't find that book now - it's a collectable. I'm often in the area of his last ride,
    Princess Highway, Clayton, that general area, though I'm not sure of the actual intersection. I suspect it was an uncontrolled intersection at the time, (no traffic lights), and that the bus simply failed to give way.
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    I read that it hit him and then backed over him
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    I don't know the exact circumstances, save that he was on the outside of the group of riders, his usual position,  when hit by the bus. That's from his book, 'My World on Wheels'.
    I've been told that it was a Grenda's bus.  Wonder how the
    negligent bus driver felt, and what happened to him?
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    hmmm don't know, he probably got away with it as usual ::)

    Going by that article it was the Tour of Gippsland that it happened in, FYI i've rode that race 4 or 5 times ;D