Australian World Naked Bike Ride 2008



Hi all,

The annual World Naked Bike Ride is going to be held in several
Australian cities on Saturday March 8th this year.

This event is a piece of street theatre to promote awareness of
naturism, sustainable living and transport. Our motto is "bare as you
dare" - you can either ride fully dressed, nude, or painted up. The
choice is yours.

I am promoting the Brisbane leg of the event again this year after the
success of 2007's one in which 32 riders (and 20 cops!)

This year I am keeping the route for the ride underground in order to
deter police presence. In other states they turn a blind eye to the
event, but in good ol' redneck Queensland they still see the human
body as an offensive and obscene thing.

We will be doing some body painting before the ride, and once it's
over go to a nearby bar to discuss plans for next year's. The WNBR is
NOT a race or a contest. Everyone rides at their own pace. There
will be a prize for the person with the most inventive body paint

Please note that there may be some professional photographers and film
makers covering the event. If you wish to be involved or interviewed,
make sure you sign a release from them first.

As I don't post on here very often, you can view the plans for the
event at:

For Brisbane people, the site is:

I have finally decided on a venue to hold this year's World Naked Bike
Ride in Brisbane. It's going to be held out on the Bayside, with the
exact locations posted to the official support group at:

So far, I've been interviewed on the Spencer Howson show on ABC Radio
about it and I've also had Rebel Media offer to help.

It'd be nice if the rest of the cycling community in Brisbane could
get involved - remember it is dress optional. You can ride either
fully nude or dressed or painted up. It's your choice. :)

Best wishes,

Dario Western

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