Auto shut-off timer: Does it work on George Foreman grill?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Matt, Mar 6, 2004.

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    I just acquired a George Foreman grill. It has 2 timers on
    it. The link is below. I'm finding that after each timer
    runs out that the corresponding part of the grill remains
    on, or at least it reads "on" from the timer display, and
    the grill remains hot.

    Question: What is the point of a timer is if the grill does
    not automatically shut off?

    Maybe it goes into a "simmer" temperature/mode? I can find
    nothing about this in the user manual other then a reference
    to the fact that the grill shuts off 1 hour after non-use.

    I'm quite baffled by how a timer (2 of them on my grill)
    could be designed into a $100 product and said timer does
    not shut off the grill...unless it's a simmer-mode thing.

    Here's the link to my grill:

    Thanks for any help, -Matt
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