Avanti Bike not designed to AS/NZA 1927:2010 Standard


New Member
Oct 28, 2005
Hi All, I believe the Avanti Monza was not built to the required Safety Standard. [COLOR=FF00AA]Bicycle not equipped with foot retaining devices, such as toe clips, shall have at least 88mm clearance between the pedal and the front tyre or mudguard when the wheel is turned to any position. The clearance shall be measured forward and parallel to the longitudinal axis of the bicycle from the centre of either pedals to the arc swept by the tyre or mudguard[/COLOR] (see picture) I've had this problem for a couple of years (shoe would hit tyre) and didn't think much of it. I stumbled upon the AS/NZA 1927:2010 while meant to be doing my thesis. I went to measure my bicycle and found that the clearance was less than 88mm. No modifications were made to my bicycle. Can others please confirm that their "Minimum Toe Clearance" is/is not less than 88mm.

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