Avanti cadent


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Feb 16, 2007
I just bought one. Got it for the geometry (long legs, short torso, hard to get a tall enough head tube with the short top tube I need). It's okay, I wouldn't rave about it but having the right fit is 90% of the battle so it's pretty good for me. Had a Ti frame previously and the Cadent feels a bit dead by comparison. Handling is okay but I would describe as like a early generation front-wheel drive car where the amount you turn in doesn't correspond to the line it actually goes.

Pretty comfortable - fine for really long rides which I guess is it's intended market.

Cadent 1.0 components are pretty average - wheels very ordinary. I would recommend the 2.0 or 3.0 unless you just want the frame and intend to upgrade the components.

Carbon finish is also not so flash. The top tube has some blemishes that you can see in certain lights, and other ones I've looked at in other shops have the same.

Not bad for under $2k though with Tiagra components. As a cheap full carbon bike it's pretty good - just realise you get what you pay for.