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1981 Avatar 2000 recumbent bicycle HPV in Mint condition for sale on

The Avatar 2000 is the grandfather of the modern recumbent, designed
by MIT professor David Gordon Wilson in ~1979 and produced by FOMAC
(Wilmington, MA). Only 140 were made in 1981-82. This one is serial
number 0063, purchased new in 1981 for $2127 (over $5000 in 2007
dollars). The bicycle is in absolutely perfect, museum condition,
with less than 10 miles on it. No scratches or wear. There are three
very small rust spots where the cables/steering rod has rested against
the frame in storage, and I have had a professional leather shop
reinforce and the seat straps that were slightly cracked, but this
bicycle is most likely the best condition Avatar 2000 in existence, as
suggested to me by Prof. Wilson himself! This bicycle is truly a gem
of bicycling history.