Aventis, SRL Ranbaxy partner to subsidise diabetes test

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  1. Aventis, SRL Ranbaxy partner to subsidise diabetes test

    Press Trust of India The Hindustan Times March 2, 2004

    Mumbai, March 2 - Aventis Pharma Ltd and SRL Ranbaxy have
    joined hands to create awareness among diabetes patients
    about importance of monitoring blood glucose levels and
    glycosylated haemoglobin or HbA1C.

    As part of the initiative, diabetes patients can avail the
    A1C test at a subsidised cost of Rs 240 against coupons
    issued by both companies, Aventis said in a release.

    The coupons would be made available to patients through
    leading diabetologists and endocrinologists and the samples
    could be submitted to any of the 250 SRL Ranbaxy diagnostic
    centres in the country.

    More at: http://www.hindustantimes.com

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    Kevin Maxfield aka "Beavis" aka "Beav" who is a self-
    publicized patient of diabetes has committed serious
    crimes by dispensing medical advice to other patients on
    numerous occasions. He has published his contact
    information as follows:

    Kevin "Beavis" Maxfield 106 Churchill Drive Little Lever
    Bolton BL3 1PG UK

    "Beavis" <[email protected]> "Beavis"
    <[email protected]> "Beavis"
    <[email protected]>


    Also, a picture of Britt, with the caption: "When she ain't
    cookin my meals she does find time to fly a heli!" http://h-

    Forwarded message: [ [ Subject: Beav is a liar. Beware of
    advice he gives you! [ Message-ID:
    <[email protected]> [ From: Dennis Fetters
    <[email protected]> [ Newsgroups:
    misc.health.diabetes [ NNTP-Posting-Host: [
    Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:08:38 GMT [ [ Greetings news group
    participants, [
    [ Iam sending this news to all newsgroups that the person [
    Beav <[email protected]> participates in, [
    especially that involves medical advice. You need to be
    [ concerned taking any medical advice from him
    whatsoever. [ Why? [ [ Over the years this person has
    flamed me and others, told [ lies and did harm all in
    the name of fun. This person [ could just as easily give
    you improper medical advice and [ sit back and laugh for
    the fun of it. Beware of him, he [ may act nice and
    helpful but there is an evil side. [ [ Just to help
    prove what I'm saying, I have given evidence [ below of
    just one lie he was caught making. I'm posting [ this so
    that from now on you can measure anything he has [ to
    say with what his words are actually worth. Beav is a [
    liar. I have proven without a shadow of dough that Beav
    [ is a liar. Sure, it is a small lie this time, but what
    [ about all the ones before, or after? [ [ On
    02/04/2003, you posted on the rec.aviation.rotorcraft
    news group: [ > Beav wrote: [ > He's also over on the
    R/C heli group looking for ideas [ > on how to build > a
    big RC machine which he SAYS is [ > destined for
    military (unmanned) use. [ [ That was an out in out lie.
    I never said such a thing. He [ made it up and lied to
    everyone there. [ [ What I said is below: [ [ On
    01/30/2003, I posted on rec.models.rc.helicopter: [ >
    Dennis Fetters wrote: [ > Hello, [ > [ > We have lot's
    of experience building full size [ > helicopters, but
    little knowledge in the RC field and [ > what's
    available. [ > [ > I have been contracted to provide a
    customer with two [ > large (400 pounds empty) prototype
    helicopters to be [ > flown by remote control. It is a
    CCPM controlled [ > configuration. I need to find
    servo's that are large [ > enough to handle at least a 5
    pound resistance per [ > arm, with a 3" travel. [ > [ >
    The control rods go through the center of the drive [ >
    shaft and connect to the control gimble below the [ >
    transmission, where 3 arms are located for both cyclic [
    > and collective inputs for the CCPM configuration. The
    [ > best solution would be 3 linear servo's, if
    something [ > preexists. [ > [ > Rather than reinvent
    the wheel, I hope someone would [ > be kind enough to
    provide me information on where to [ > find servo's
    large enough to do the job, or if a [ > linear servo can
    be used. The response time of these [ > large
    helicopters are much less than that of an RC [ > model.
    [ > [ > Also, if someone of high experience in RC
    helicopters [ > is interested in providing some help
    with the flights, [ > we're located in the California LA
    area. [ > [ > Sincerely, [ > [ > Dennis [ [ No where in
    this or any post did I say "it is destined [ for
    military (unmanned) use". Beav lied about that. [
    [ Jknow some of you here will say, well, it was just a [
    little lie. Well, any lie is a lie, big or small, and [
    Beav lied and has done much worse. He told this lie to
    [ hurt and do as much damage as he could, and it's time
    for [ all who deal with him to know. He has proven his
    [ willingness to lie and harm people just for fun, so [
    anything he says could be a lie or to cause more damage
    [ for his entertainment. [ [ Beav is a liar. Beware of
    advice he gives you! [ [ - Dennis Fetters
    <[email protected]> [ Archived at:.com/groups?selm=3E4BECF9.80308%40sbcglobal.net&oe=UTF-

    End of advisory

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