Avocado, Citrus, and Rock Shrimp Salad

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    Avocado, Citrus, and Rock Shrimp Salad

    1/3 Cups fresh lemon juice
    5/6 Cups sugar
    1 1/8 Tbsp Louisiana hot sauce
    3/4 large cloves finely chopped garlic
    2 tsp salt
    11/16 Cups olive oil
    1/2 Tbsp cayenne pepper
    3 bay leaves
    1 Gallon water
    1 1/2 Pounds peeled and deveined rock shrimp
    3/4 Cup finely diced red bell pepper
    3/4 Cup thinly sliced green onion
    3/16 Cups chopped cilantro
    1 Pound orange sections
    3/4 Pound ruby grapefruit sections
    3 medium to large, Fresh California Avocados
    Garnish with crisp fried thin blue tortilla strips, as

    Lemon Dressing: Whisk together lemon juice, sugar, hot sauce, garlic,
    Whisk in oil; reserve. Stir salt, cayenne pepper, and bay leaves into
    water. Bring to a boil; simmer 5 minutes. Add the shrimp. Cook shrimp
    until just pink and opaque, about 1 minute. Spread on a sheet pan to cool.
    Do not refresh in cold water. Before serving: Toss shrimp with reserved
    lemon dressing. Fold in bell pepper, onion, and cilantro. Add more salt to
    taste, if necessary. On a serving plate, mound 3/4 cup shrimp salad on one
    side of the plate. Slice 1/2 avocado thinly. With a spatula, put it
    opposite the shrimp, almost touching; press lightly to fan it out
    lengthwise toward the shrimp. Arrange the 5 orange segments, then the then
    5 grapefruit on either side of the avocado and shrimp salad.

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