Avsom / Bedminster: attack on cyclist by mugger (serious injuries)

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  1. This was taken from the Avon & Somerset Police website, and has also been reported on BBC news.
    Entire article preserved in case anyone can help Avsom with information. I don't want to depress
    anybody, but these scum haven't been caught yet and I think people should be aware.

    I would add I *never* stop for strangers whilst cycling in an urban area - you just don't know what
    their motives are these days.

    I also don't like those gates and pinch points in cycle lanes for *this* reason ; whilst you can
    easily outpace a dodgy person on foot if you are on a bike (have had to do that a number of times in
    Reading), these gates often mean you have to stop, and you don't know who may be lurking there.


    - press release follow -

    Added - Friday, 4 April 2003 10:46

    Two men are being hunted by police after a series of serious stabbings in Bristol city centre and
    Bedminster last night (Thursday, 3 April).

    The first incident happened in St Augustines Parade, near the Bristol Hippodrome, at 12.10am, when
    three young men were injured following a dispute with two white males.

    All three men, aged 19, were stabbed after an argument with the two offenders.

    Within five minutes, the two men had robbed and stabbed a 38-year-old man as he walked in
    Queen's Square.

    The two robbers then made their way to Bedminster Parade where they confronted a man outside Zion
    House at 12.30am and demanded cash. When he refused he was stabbed in the stomach.

    Fifteen minutes later, the two offenders stopped a 35-year-old male cyclist making his way home
    in Fraser Street, Bedminster. They again demanded money and then stabbed the man several times in
    the stomach.

    All six men are being treated for their injuries at Bristol Royal Infirmary. The 35-year-old man
    stabbed in Fraser Street is in a serious condition.

    An incident room has been set-up at Broadbury Road police station, and Det Chief Inspector Paul
    James will be in charge of the investigation.

    Police appealed this morning for anyone who witnessed any of the assaults to ring police or
    Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

    Det Chief Inspector Paul James said: "These two men are extremely dangerous and have seriously
    injured a number of people. We need to catch these people before they can carry out any more crimes.

    "This kind of violent and unprovoked crime cannot be tolerated and we would appeal to anyone who saw
    these stabbings taking place to call us. I would also ask for anyone who knows the offenders to
    contact police or Crimestoppers."

    Anyone who can help should contact us through our secure Crimestoppers contact form >

    Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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