AWC, enzymes & wallsitting


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Oct 20, 2004
As I understand it, a large part of AWC is based on the body’s production of those enzymes necessary for anaerobic work.

When you start developing your AWC, the development is mainly driven by the body’s raised production of those enzymes needed to meet the demand of anaerobic produced work.

If so, that means that you, so to say, already have the physical requirements for this kind of work, except the necessary enzymes. All you have to do is to make your body produce them – go hard, puke, go home, eeh?

(And ain’t this the main reason for the often seen recommendation of starting anaerobic training just before the race season? – you achieve it quickly and than mantain it rather easy?)

Now to the wallsitting. 20-30 years ago this was part of my training (and I wasn’t alone), I beleive I’ve seen it in ”Spinervals” programs as well, at least the first ones.

So the question – ain’t ”wallsitting” anaerobic work? If so – does it make the body to produce the same enzymes as ”real” AWC training?

If so – viola! a magic bullet! /and it’s soon christmas, I wanna beleive in Santa Claus as well…