Azzurri Uno 2006 vs. Trek 1400 vs. Gitane Mach 1800


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Jul 10, 2006

I am looking to buy a road bike. Having been through websites and bicycle shops I have a choice of:

1/ Azzurri Uno 2006 - Shimano 105 components, 10 sp - $1650
2/ Gitane Mach 1800 - Shimano 105 components 9 sp - $ 1350
3/ Trek 1400 - Shimano 105 components 10 sp - $1999

I test rode the Gitane Mach 1800, but couldn't test ride the other two. Instead I was given the Azzurri Uno 2005 Shimano 105 9sp and Trek 1200 Shimano Tiagra to test ride.

The Azzurri thus seems better. However, it is a brand name I have not heard of and there are only two or three posts on which mention Azzurri. I cannot find any reviews on the net speaking good or bad.

It would be great if people could tell me of their experience with any of these bikes or companies. Please let me know if you:

* Have any opinions, comparisons, comments on these bikes
* Know of any other dealers who can supply the same bike for cheaper
* Know of any other bikes that fall in the price range

I live in Melbourne.

My first day in the forums! I own an 2005 Azzurri Uno and love it. It's my first road bike. I knew nothing about road bikes 12 months ago and got some advice from a mate who races in a team. According to him, the Uno was great value for money because it's fully decked out with Shimano running gear, brakes and wheels and that stuff is really reliable. My only complaint was the carbon seat, which I replaced with a seat with more padding. Where I come from a lot of riders get around on Giants because the biggest bike shop in town sells them and has riding clubs (so, if you want to ride with their club you should have a Giant or they'll make you feel like an outsider!). I'm not into that ****. I ride with a couple of mates and there's no BS going on. I would recommend the Azzurri without hesitation. I like the look of my Uno too, with the black spokes and dark, rich blue paintjob.
Thanks mate :)

I was very inclined to get the Azzurri Uno 2006 after the shop dropped the price to $1500 + 15% off accessories.

But ended up shelling $250 more and getting a 2006 Giant OCR Zero instead.

Thanks :)

getafix said:
3/ Trek 1400 - Shimano 105 components 10 sp - $1999
I am not sure where you got this price from. I got my Trek 2100 with some 105 and Ultegra. and it was rougly $1400 (not including pedals). Never tested a 1400, but was looking at the 1500 for a while till I found the 2100. Have never tested any of the other models you are looking at. But I have been pleased with Trek so far.
Hi Ryagon,

I think you live in the US while I live in Australia :)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - and not Melbourne, Florida (I think there is a Melbourne there somewhere) :p

The prices I quoted were in AUD.

Hope that clears the price difference up :)