Baby is home at last!


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May 16, 2005
I've done two rides so far. The first one kind of panicked me, as I suffered from lots of dropped data. We're not talking one or two seconds; I was staring at "---" for minutes at a time. But, it seems like the old foam backing trick worked for me. The second ride was trouble free, and I did lots of coasting on rough pavement to test it out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now...

Initial thoughts: Wow.



I know you guys have heard it/done it all before, but man! I'm not the rider I thought I was in so many different ways. I thought I'd learned my lesson about going out too hard on intervals. WRONG. Ludicrously , extremely wrong!

I also knew that I was a bit of a masher, but I assumed that I was self-selecting a cadence that works well for me. On both extended climbs and flats during these two rides, I've been shocked at how my power/RPE ratio improves with a higher, sometimes much higher cadence.

Oh, another little trouble-shooting item: I'm trying to use a demo version of CyclingPeaks. It downloads data from the PM, but then it thinks I was at zero watts the whole time, and has no heart rate or cadence data. If I choose the "scale by distance" graph (little 'D' icon in the toolbar), I see reasonable-looking wattage data, but otherwise, everything's a blank. If I download the ride using the PowerTap Link software, save it as a CSV, and then import the CSV to CyclingPeaks, everything's fine: wattage, torque, heart rate, cadence, speed, etc. all look faithful. I've contacted CyclingPeaks tech support, but thought some folks here might have seen this...