Bacchetta Bicycles Aero-Basso


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May 24, 2010
When Bacchetta first announced the Aero Basso, I thought to myself. "This is bike has my name on it." My first Bacchetta is a Giro and it has become my 'Fast Mule' relegated mostly to commuter duty.
When I rode a Diamond Frame, I used to hang in with the Hammerheads. As I aged, I gradually got dropped off the end of the pack. I yearned for that opportunity to mix it up again. Switchng to recumbents helped, but I wanted a single purpose go 'fast bike'.

Most of my life I have looked up to my peers. I have always been 'vertically challenged'. I tried the big wheel Bacchettas and found them too tall for my 5' 7" height. I could ride a Strada but it was a stretch to get both feet on the ground. I found the Giro just right but it was more of a general purpose utility bike. So, after over 4000 miles on the Giro, I jumped on one of the first Aero Basso's to hit the streets. At 22 lbs (really!) this is the lightest bike I've owned. I immediately increased my average speeds by about 2 mph.
Long rides are so comfortable, I've started doing Centuries non-stop. Now Centuries have become too tame. This January, I began doing 200k brevets. All because of the Aero Basso.