Back calculating heart rate zones


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Oct 31, 2002
Hi guys

The new update of the Polar software has once again made me realise how little I know about my heart rate zones.
I know that Duckwash has often made the comment that one should get them properly measured.
This is not realy an option where I live, so I was thinking.

I have at least 1x100 km race , 2x 65m races and 2x 20km races measured on my 710.

Is there any way that one can either by inspection or backcalculating determine your heart rate zones.
If one can pinpoint your Anaerobic Threshold this way is it possible to derive other zones.

A further complecation is that the 3 longer races were done at alltitude (1700m amsl) and the short races at sea level.

Any thoughts ?

Duckwash DUCKWASH !!!!!????

now i'm all offended

if you can't get your zones tested then you can start by using the karvonen formula to determine high medium and low zones and then you can test them by riding in the zones and seeing how you feel.

perhaps you can start with the calculated zones and see how long you can stay in each of the two upper zones

your 20k race should be pretty much on your anaerobic threshold and the longer races slightly below

sorry its not an exact answer
Oh and sorry about the Duckwash. Funny thing the brain. The Donald Duck picture obviously caused a bit of a Freudian slip.