Back from Mexico LIGHTER!!!!!!



WOW! What a wonderful trip!!!! 13 days of sunshine and relaxation. When
we got back into Seattle we got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad. One
of the few places open was JD Hotspurs in Tukwila so thats where we
spent it!

It was incredibly hard to low carb in Mexico. I managed some coconut
shrimp, some delicoius steaks but had to try the home made tortillas
and fish tacos with cabbage and hot sauce on them. I walked miles each
day I MEAN MILES!!!!!! We never rented a car and only took a cab a
couple of times, I took the 54 steep stairs up and down to the casa
multiple times each day plus there were 2 flights of stairs between the
4 stories of the casa we rented. We sat on the rooftop to watch the sun
go down and the nightly fireworks and drank coffee up there and watched
the town come to life each morning. We took a tour, went to a tequila
making factory, went snorkelling, hit the night life and even danced in
cages at "The Zoo" OMG!!!! What a crazy place. I missed out on the mens
wet boxer shorts contest at Senor Frogs though DANG IT!!!

We got home last night and at the end of the day when I had eaten and
drunk, I wanted to weigh myself. I lost 8 pounds on my trip!!!!! I was
yiping and skipping all through my house last night.

who has now lost almost half of herself!!!