Back in the game (sort of)


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Jul 7, 2005
Well, it's been 8 months since I last touched a bike.

A crash which totaled my frame, new baby and work equalled no more racing.

So I stopped, sold my PT and any other "hardware" lying around like indoor trainer and groupset and set about becoming unfit and fat(ter)

A bit drastic yes :) That's me, all or nothing.

2 weeks ago I mounted my original 7 year old bike (aluminium with decent enough groupset, previously used as the winter bike) and went for a 1 hour spin.

I was dead on my feet after 15min :)

27km later, I collapsed in a happy heap in the shower.

1 week later I did it again. Still felt like a lead weight but not as dead and just as happy.

The last few days, I've finally relented and acknowledged that I love riding the bike and most of all, racing.

I've decided I'll try and get in some 1hr spins during lunch time and then some spins over the week-end.

My main goal is to take part in a few club races in July.

I can't wait!! :)