Back on the bike again after three kids and many years.

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    After three kids who have no interest in cycling and many years I am glad to say I am getting back on the bike and start back as a Clydesdale. It's an old bike [IMG ALT=""][/IMG] Steel frame, 700c with Shimano 600 throughout 7 speed. We had done many miles together including three back to back centuries in three days. I live in a hilly area and really need the granny gear at the moment. I just spent the last two days moving the components from an aluminum frame, which was lighter, but creaked and jarred the nerves in my hands. Got back from a short ride and apart from a rear derailleur issue, everything felt great, and got a good workout riding up and down hills on a 10 mile loop. Looking forward to conversing with others in the group. Allan

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    May 11, 2014
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    The main points I have are these:
    (1) Know your course, know the quality of the concrete, path
    ie. know the traffic, the lips on the concrete and paint lines
    (2) Get the highest gears on your rear cassette you can
    make sure a good mechanic checks your gears and the quality of your wheels
    (3) Drink 500ml before you ride
    take 2 water bottles
    (4) IF you are cleating in and out, and you've lost confidence
    only do it on the flat or descent (not on hill)
    (5) Don't be afraid to stay close to home and do circles or repeats
    have your safety kit organised
    (6) Ride with other experienced riders in smaller, slower, newbie groups
    don't be aggressive with cars ... even if they're in the wrong ... stay clear ... always know what's coming from behind
    listen with your right ear (on left side roads)

    That's part 1.