Back on the Brommie

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Colin Blackburn, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. After severals week enforced and unenforced bromtonlessness I finally got back on the road today. I
    fixed that rear puncture---first time I'd done a rear hub-geared wheel, what a palaver. Still, I
    know for next time. I stuck on its new tyres. Reset the brakes (again a nightmare as I had not done
    side-pull before) Luckily the gears change like a dream, I had hoped they were still okay since I
    can't get that little barrel adjuster to budge.

    So, everything is going okay other than a bit of ice on a manhole cover. Thenh, some tw*t decides to
    pip at me because they don't quite have enough room to overtake dangerously. They just didn't seem
    to understand that I was in the primary position precisely because I *didn't* want them to pass. It
    still didn't stop then driving with their nearside wing almost touching my back wheel!

    Ah well, Durham's roads haven't changed much in the last couple of months.