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    Dec 13, 2003
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    I suffer from lower back pain also. I was in a MVA years ago and fractured my L1, 40% of the height.
    This year I have clocked up just over 4000kms riding my clapped out Mongoose Mountainbike. (30)kg bike:)
    My doctor says my previous MVA accident has nothing to with my back pain.
    I am thinking of upgrading to a road bike to try and ease my back pain. I have no pains in my knees or any other area. I rode 3000 kms before the back pain started. The 2 causes I can think of is riding up the Nortin Summit to often or the posture whilst riding a mountainbike.
    Does anyone think it could my mountainbike causing the pain or the height I have my saddle set at?
    The pedals I use are clipless MTB ones.
    Ty if anyone can help.