Back to cycling after injury and 5 yrs off

Bob S

New Member
Jun 5, 2007
I rode a very nice DeRosa for over 10 years and loved it. I injured my elbow and cannot put the pressure on it necessary to ride a normally configured roadie. I am considering 2 options and looking for feedback including other ideas. I plan on biking to the office, 3 miles and for exercise on paved and flat dirt fire roads in the area.

I could modify my DeRosa with one of the new taller/adjustable stems, put on a flat bar and move buy a new shifter/brake setup. Or I could give this bike to my son who fits it pretty well.

I could buy a hybrid or other option. I looked at a GFishaer Utopia at a LBS.

Looking for suggestions. Bob
I would strongly recommend a recumbent - it puts almost no pressure on the elbows and still allows the speed and excitement of a road bike (once you get used to them, they're about 40% faster for the same effort input).